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Come Home to the Truth

March 2nd, 2016 8:57 AM by Joan Rusco

While watching tv recently we were impressed with an advertisement for a big nation-wide lender. The lender wants to give the impression that they (and only they) are now offering veterans a loan covering 100% of the value of their home. They are implying it’s a brand new day for veterans thanks to their program. Thanks but we’ve been offering this for years and there’s nothing new about it.

Thanks to the U.S. Veterans Administration (V.A.) any qualified vet can get a loan with no down payment and no mortgage insurance. We’d love to take credit for this but to do so would be a bit misleading and an ethical stretch. VALoansMN wants to shoot straight with you. No misleading advertising, no stretching the truth to suit our purposes or enhance our image. 

The beauty of the V.A. loan is it is guaranteed by the U.S Veterans Administration thus taking some of the risk away from the lender (banks). If a veteran runs into hard times and can’t make the mortgage payments the V.A. will step in to guarantee the bank will be paid off. That’s why a bank can lend you the entire purchase price of a home. Also a most important feature of your V.A. loan is there is NO mortgage insurance. That in itself can save you thousands of dollars a year. 

When you see all the fancy tv ads from the big lenders we want you to think of VALoansMN and the preference of dealing with someone local. We’ve been helping veterans and their families here for a long time. We have a long list of very satisfied home owners and that list keeps growing.

Many of these satisfied clients are stunned when we show them how much money they can save them by taking advantage of a no money down, no monthly mortgage insurance, low rate home loan. Give us at a call and let us show you how easy it is to take advantage of the benefits you’ve earned as a veteran of the U.S. military.

Posted by Joan Rusco on March 2nd, 2016 8:57 AM


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