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October 1st, 2015 7:33 AM by Joan Rusco

New rules, new hassles, now you need us more than ever.  That’s a pretty bold statement but we stand by it for several reasons. First let’s back-track a bit and explain the new rules, new hassles comment.

About five years ago the U.S. Congress passed some new regulations on the entire financial sector. Among them are new rules governing the mortgage industry. Some of thsse new rules are taking effect this month (October). The rules require a simplification of some of the mortgage forms we provide to you. The simpler forms are designed to help you better understand the terms of your loan, terms such as the amount of interest you pay. Another requirement is that all this simplified information is to be given to you 3 days in advance of your signing the dotted line. Some in the mortgage and real estate industry fear these new  requirements may cause some delay in closings. We will continue to work hard to make sure every loan we originate closes on time, without delay or last minute hiccups. That leads us to the comment made earlier about needing VALoansMN more than ever.

We are NOT a mortgage factory. We see the tv and online ads bragging about VA Lenders who claim to be number one in customer satisfaction. Others say you can now get a VA loan for 100% of a home purchase price or refinance your existing home loan with a VA loan and pay off not only your mortgage but other bills as if it’s something new. Getting a VA loan with no money down is not new, not exclusive to those advertisers but are items we’ve provided for years. Because they are big, nation-wide lenders, they have to make claims that somehow try to set them apart from one another. We don’t have to do that because we at VALoansMN are not a mortgage factory. The mortgage factories have people sitting in cubicles taking calls on 800-numbers from all over the country. You are just another number to them. Their rates and fees are no lower than what we offer.  However, there are major differences between them and us; while we have the best rates at the lowest cost we are LOCAL. 

Okay, so we’re blowing our own horn. Forgive us for bragging but the facts stand behind our claims. We are your best VA loan source in the upper midwest. We started in Minnesota and then reached out to the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Iowa. We are right here at home for you and we never forget that. There’s a reason Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and the Twin Cities Business Magazine have named Brad here at VALoansMN a “Super Mortgage Professional”. 

We take the new rules,the new hassles, and deal with them so you never miss a beat. We’ll get the job done and done on time the right way. Call the factory, talk to them, see what they offer. Then call us here at home (612-240-9922) and let us show you what hometown service is all about. Read our testimonials and read "About Us" on our web page. We really mean it when we at VALoansMN say “you’ve served us, now let us serve you”. We’ll do it the hometown way.


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