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Don't Eat Sour Grapes

May 3rd, 2016 10:40 AM by Joan Rusco

Thank You!  We know that’s an odd way to start but in this case we think it’s also appropriate. Our thank you goes out to the many veterans and their families who have placed their trust in VALoansMN to help them achieve their homeownership goals. For some of these vets we’ve helped them buy a first, second, even third home. Others have come to us to refinance existing mortgage loans. Others needed not only a lower rate but some cash taken from home equity to better manage their personal finances. We help so many for so many reasons and we never let a day go by that we remind ourselves how grateful we are for your trust and the service you have provided to our great nation. So why the reference to sour grapes?

First we’re going to pull back the curtains a bit on this business of providing VA loans. VALoansMN was started about 10 years ago when our founder, Joan Rusco, came to realize that there were few companies focused on VA home loans. Mostly vets were ending up at banks or other mortgage companies and sitting with a person who did other mortgage loans and didn’t seem to be that familiar with the specialized VA loan process. Joan changed that with a complete focus on veterans’ needs. A few years back Brad Christensen took the reins and continued that dedication. Federal regulations require companies to have a very expensive license. In order to keep our (and your!) costs down we partner with larger, license holding,  mortgage brokers. This is why you’ll see Leader One on our materials.

We are extremely careful on choosing a business partner. We demand extremely high ethical standards because we believe that is what our veterans deserve. That’s why we at VALoansMN have partnered with Leader One. In order for us to commit to that partnership we had to leave another business relationship behind. No need to go into details but we’ll just say Leader One met our very high ethical standards better than others. As we departed the other company we took with us the faith and trust of all the veterans we’ve been privileged to work with. This includes the County Veterans Service Officers (CVSOs). This army of public servants is in some cases the main link between veterans and the benefits they have earned. Dozens and dozens of these officers have advised clients of their VA Loan benefits and in turn these veterans have turned to VALoansMN for help. Sometimes doing what’s right does not sit well with others who don’t. 

Have you ever had a former boss bad mouth you to a new employer? We’re sorry to say that may be happening to VALoansMN. We strive everyday to meet the needs of our veterans. We are proud of our record of service to those who have served.

The other (and our former) mortgage company has wined and dined some of our past clients.  But along with the goodies came a serving of sour grapes. Such behavior says more about them than us. It’s another reason we choose our business partners VERY CAREFULLY. Who wants to eat sour grapes?! 

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Posted by Joan Rusco on May 3rd, 2016 10:40 AM


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