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Home Shopping is Fun

August 2nd, 2016 9:37 AM by Joan Rusco

You’ve taken the plunge, made the decision, now you are ready to begin the painstaking process of finding your new home. In our opinion this is where the real fun begins. Yes, we said ‘fun’ because shopping for a new home can be a lot of fun. 

As we write these words we are assuming we’ve already pre-qualified you for a mortgage loan. We think it’s always the very first step in house shopping. It will give you some idea of the cost of homeownership as you begin your shopping journey.

There are those who think traipsing through homes for sale is pure drudgery. We’re not among those who see it that way. We’ve had clients who can walk into a home for sale and  know within an instant whether or not the house is a good fit. Boom, they make a decision on the spot. Others  take time, lots of time, to find their perfect home. We approach the hunt in a different way. Look at it as window shopping. You don’t have to buy, at least, you don’t have to buy today. Take some time and  enjoy the journey.

First, find a good leader. Someone who can help you narrow your choices. We’re referring to a good real estate agent. An agent can help you decide what you really want. Then she/he can narrow those choices for you to examine.  In our opinion a good agent isn’t out to sell you a home. A good agent is out to help you find a home you want to purchase. The home should sell itself. An agent of course can help you by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of property but, only you will know whether or not the house works for you (and your family).

As you shop look beyond the furnishings, the wall paper and paint, look at what we call “the bones” of the house. Pay special attention to the location. Yes, here we go again. There are three important things to know about a house: 1) its’ location 2) its’ location 3) its’ location!  We say this because you can change furniture, you can change wall paper or paints, you can even move walls but you cannot change the location. After considering the location think about it’s internal systems. Is the plumbing good, the electrical, the insulation, the roof, the  floors? This is where a good home inspection is worth more than its weight in gold.

We at VALoansMN have looked at lots of houses for sale. If you’re like us after you’ve seen a few you may start getting numb to them. Carry your camera, take lots of pictures, take a notepad along to jot down some of your impressions of a house. How does it make you feel? Did you have a chance to meet any of the neighbors? What is the neighborhood like? After you’ve seen several houses these notes and pictures can be of great value when you’re back home thinking about what you’ve seen. 

Making a decision to  buy a home is a very, very big deal. Take your time. Enjoy the process. Let us help you. This is what we do. It’s VALoanMN’s chance to serve you and show you that this whole, very important process can be great fun!


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