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Is It Your Time to March

March 4th, 2019 8:17 AM by Joan Rusco

Regular readers of our posts might recall a year ago we recounted the experience of a team member whose birthday is March fourth. A retired army captain told him “it’s the only command date on the calendar”. Perplexed he thought about that strange assertion until the next encounter with that Captain. “What did you mean by that” he asked. The Captain replied “think about it, when you tell a military person to march forth, what are you saying?  

Each year our team member looks at his birthday as a time to “march forth in life, look to the future as a new beginning, a time for change, it's a new year. Is this month your month to ‘march forth’?  Perhaps you’ve long thought about making a move to a new house, a different location, something that works better for your ever-changing life. We at VALoansMN may be just the right ticket for your future.

We are happy to report again that VA loan rates have inched up only slightly from a year ago. Our previous posts on these pages have gone into more detail on that topic so no need to belabor it here but, just know that VA backed home loans remain at very attractive and affordable rates. Historically we remain in a very sweet spot.

There are tv commercials from some of the national operations explaining how you don’t have to pay up to move up, that you can finance 100% of the home costs using the veteran benefit you have earned. You already know most of that. What sets us apart is we’re part of your home town, we’re local, we serve neighbors just the same as you would expect. We’re not a big national outfit although we’re approved to lend in the upper midwest states, down in Florida and, most recently, out in Arizona. But we’re here to serve locally. Turns out some of our neighbors are now in a position to move out of the colder winter weather to sunnier places although many maintain their homes here to return in the spring. We’ve expanded just enough to help you wherever you choose to go.

So, this year, if you choose to ‘march forth’ keep VALoansMN in mind. Let us help you move forward using the great benefit of a VA guaranteed home loan.


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