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May 27th, 2018 12:50 PM by Joan Rusco

We’re not just another online lender. Truth told, many mortgage lenders have just begun adding VA loans to their portfolio of services. Most are online lenders. You see their tv ads. We’re somewhat different.

Here you are, reading a blog on a VALoansMN web site but please know the core of our service is aimed at one on one, up close and personal, loan counseling, for US veterans. We’re not johnny-come-lately to the business of providing home loans. And, unlike the online lenders we don’t claim to serve veterans in every state of the country.

Have you ever stopped your DVR on the screen when the lender’s legal requirements are spelled out in tiny print?  It’s a telling scene. They list state after state and the legal jargon for each to CYA (you know what that stands for!).  When we look at the web sites for these lenders and click the “about us” page you get line after line of aspirations rather than facts “about us”. Now click on our “Testimonials-About Us” and compare that to the big bank outfits.  We talk about who we are, up close, and personal. You’ll learn about our history, our family, who we serve and why we serve. You learn about us.

Our goal is not to serve “us” but to serve you. Our business model is not based on convincing you that we have high ideals but showing you we are here to serve you. We are guilty of using the slogan ‘you served us, now let us serve you’ but we mean every word of it. 

For the big online lenders it may be a new day, but for us it’s another day in a long history of serving veterans in our home states of Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Iowa. We’re licensed in these states because we found that our local veterans sometimes move to be back near family or take advantage of a career opportunity. We want to be able to serve our local veterans even if they move.

When you do a Google, Bing or other search for a VA loan you’ll see the big online lenders appear on the first few lines. What you may not notice is the word (or abbreviation) Ad in a box at the beginning of the description. These big box lenders pay big bucks to be featured on the search. About 4 lines down you’ll see VALoansMN  and our brief description. You won’t see ‘ad’ next to our name because we don’t pay for placement. Our high placement is due to the traffic we receive from veterans like you, veterans looking for a local lender. We're a mortgage broker who knows about the veteran's service, sacrifice and city or town where they live. We also live here, we work here, we are with you every step of the way. 

There’s another important fact about VALoansMN. We also have the low rates available at any of those big box outfits. It boils down to this: if costs, rates and other financial issues are equal, who would you rather partner with, a big box nationwide lender with loan officers on the other end of an 800 number (and seated in a cubicle God knows where) or a local guy who lives and works where you do?  Of course, we hope you choose us and we are ever-grateful for the opportunity to serve you.


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