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We Love April Home Buying!

April 2nd, 2014 12:53 PM by Joan Rusco

When we began setting down our thoughts on VA lending this month we had visions of April and why it’s such a good time to buy a house. Really it is, and we’re not real estate agents trying to sell you anything. But our visions quickly changed just like the weather in Minnesota. As we set these thoughts down to share, a new forecast rolls across our computer screen: Winter Storm Watch! Are you kidding? It’s April for goodness sake! Well, we choose to ignore that reality  and march on (remember our post last month?).

April is a great time to  purchase a house. We think it’s to your advantage to use the Veterans benefit you’ve earned and check out a VA Loan. We’ve outlined the benefits of this program before so we don’t  need to repeat them here but let us just point out that in these times lenders look favorably on a loan guaranteed by the VA. Remember the VA does not make the loan, they only guarantee that if something goes bad they will make sure the lender (a bank) does not lose money. When you call us we’re happy to go into details about your VA Loan so we needn’t do it here. So why is April a good time to buy?

Smart home shoppers don’t buy the first house they see. Smart shoppers look around, maybe visit a particular property several times. Think about this: it’s 20 below zero in December or January, how much time is our smart shopper going to be spending outside the house looking around the property, seeing what kind of landscaping there is, what kind of shape the landscaping is in? It’s hard to get a good look at homes in Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin during the winter when there’s a couple feet of snow on the ground. A lot of real estate blemishes can be missed in that kind of  climate.

But now comes April! Sunshine, showers which bring May flowers, warmer weather and NO SNOW. It’s a great time to get out with a good Realtor (we can help you find one) and start your smart shopping. Now you can really see the property, walk every inch, examine it thoroughly. Never mind this winter storm. We still believe  April will bring a  nice, warm spring! Call us and we can talk about this nice spring weather and your VA Loan Benefits.

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Posted by Joan Rusco on April 2nd, 2014 12:53 PM


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