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What Just Happened?!!

March 31st, 2020 4:43 PM by Joan Rusco

Let’s start with a big bite of optimism: In February this economy was on fire. Job creation smashed estimates with 175,000 jobs created in a single month. No estimate saw that coming. The stock market was reaching all time highs. Interest rates were at the historic lows we’ve witnessed for months and months. What a great time to obtain a VA loan. Then, everything changed.

Along comes the Coronavirus from China. Chinese authorities say their first detection was early December but there’s evidence it was occurring as early as October. Thousands of travelers were flying in and out of that infected region daily. President Trump halted travel from China to the U.S. in late January. The first person to person transmission of the virus in the U.S. wouldn’t be recorded until February 23rd. This is the catalyst rocking the mortgage world.

Mortgage rates have been historically tied to the rates of the 10-year U.S. bond. Even that has changed. As the Federal Open Market Committee (commonly referred to as the “Fed”) was cutting the Federal Funds Rate the rate on the 10-year was falling also. But, not mortgage rates. For a number of in-the-weeds factors we saw mortgage rates leap upwards. We’ve also seen lenders tightening requirements. Mortgages have become a bit harder to get. 

We have for months on end been urging you to take advantage of VALoansMN extremely low rates. We’ve even urged you to tell friends and family that NOW was the time to act because the low rates can’t last forever. It is disappointing to tell you but, at least for the time being, that window of opportunity may have closed. Notice we said MAY have closed. 

VALoansMN Loan Officer Brad Christensen is still able to help you. Now more than ever you need a local, reputable loan officer to guide you through this most turbulent time. Rates are not as low as they were just weeks ago. Loan requirements are a bit tougher also. But, let us assure you, we are here to help you achieve your home finance goals. CALL US TODAY and let us give you an accurate reading of your opportunities to buy or refinance a home with a VA Loan.

We started with that big bite of optimism so let us end with it as well. Financial king pins believe the various stimulus packages being rolled out in the economy are likely to bring back that booming state of affairs we had prior to the virus attack in the U.S. They believe, and we want to believe also, that the come back will take a much shorter time than what some prognosticators believe. 



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